DH-037USB duo
Headset DH-037USB
September 6, 2017
FreeMate™ DH-031T
September 6, 2017

FreeMate™ DH-07U

Headset series DH-07U

Smart performance with an excellent durability and an unbeatable cost-performance ratio


The DH-07U is equipped with a flexible microphone boom arm for an optimal positioning and a long durability. The omni directional microphone and the high-quality speaker distinguish this headset of the economy class


The DH-07T is characterized by durability and an unbeatable cost performance ratio and is therefore suited for the long office everyday life.


The DH-07U includes a coiled cord with RJ plug ready to use for desk phones with a standard termination.


  • Decent and light
  • Flexible boom arm for an optimal microphone positioning and long durability
  • Acoustic Shock Protection
  • Microphone Anti Static Shock Protection
  • High-quality Speaker for a clear sound and omni directional microphone
  • Leatherette ear cushion, clothing clip and Microphone windscreen
  • Soft head hand T-bar (DH-07U) for a comfortable wearing style


Acoustic Shock and Anti Static Shock Protection are natural with the DH-07U and offers security for a “protected” telephone call.

Models versions:

  • DH-07U
  • DH-07UB- Binaural headset
  • DH-07UD- increased microphone volume



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