FreeMate™ DH-011T
September 6, 2017
FreeMate™ DH-029U
September 6, 2017

FreeMate™ DH-027T

Headset series DH-027T

Unique design with oval type of voice transparent tube boom, over-the-head style and superior durability.


The FreeMate DH-027 headset offers long-wearing comfort with its natural-comfort headband adjustment which allows for free movement, up and down and right and left, and also offers a flexible T-bar. Clear sound is achieved through adopted voice-qualified technology and the custom-made receiver is ideal for all-day-long users.


The DH-027T is slick stylish and right at home in the most sophisticated environments. Better still it’s a hard working as it is good looking with the range of state-of-the-art features and a reputation for outstanding durability.


You receive the DH-027T alternatively with DASAN, PLX and GN QD. Appropriate cords are optionally available with RJ-11/ 9, 2.5mm/3.5mm and USB plugs.


  • Long wearing comfort, stylish yet practical design
  • Soft touch finish
  • Excellent sound The custom-made receiver for all day long users. Adopted Voice Qualified Technology to be more clear sound.
  • Easy handling, 270° Rotating, flexible microphone boom arm. (027TFN)
  • Click stop Adjustable Noise cancelling microphone (027TFN)
  • Optional- Bidirectional microphone
  • The Best transmit, Stylish clear, Click stop Voice tube boom for specific needs. (027TP)
  • Wideband available
  • Acoustic shock protection for receiver & anti-static shock for microphone
  • Modular plug configuration can be changed by buyer’s requirement.
  • CE & FCC approved


Acoustic Shock and Anti Static Shock Protection are natural with the DH-027T and offers security for a “protected” telephone call.

Models versions:

  • DH-027TP in TPB- Binaural headset, Click stop mechanism transparent voice tube
  • DH-027TFN in TFNB- Noise cancelling, Binaural headset, Click stop mechanism flex boom



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