FreeMate™ DA-275
September 5, 2017
Ojačevalnik za telefosko slušalko DA-201
FreeMate™ DA-201
September 5, 2017

FreeMate™ DAX-275EU

Multipurpose headset amplifier FreeMate™ DAX-275EU

The multipurpose amplifiers of the DA-275 series offer highest comfort for telephone applications in call centers, offices or at home working places characterized by an easy installation. Designed with many useful functions, compactly, functionally and long-lived.

Compatibly with almost all telephones present on the market.


  • Volume control
  • Sound level control for an optimal sound
  • Headset/Handset switch
  • On-line indicator
  • Headset hanger
  • Battery low announcement
  • Audio plug for external recording
  • Extreme low battery consumption, 2*AA batteries, optionally power supply
  • Adjustment possibilities for almost al telephone and headset types present on the mark.


The FreeMate DAX-275EU amplifier corresponds to the European Union guideline 2003/10/EG “Noise protection on working place” with a noise limitation of 85dB(A) and contributes thus to an active health prevention at telephone working places.