FreeMate™ DA-171USB
September 5, 2017
FreeMate™ DA-275
September 5, 2017

FreeMate™ DA-475EU

Multipurpose headset amplifier FreeMate™ DA-475EU

Headset amplifier for single and multi-line phone

Designed with very compact, sporty, refined and being well useful functions, provides the best call comfort to the intensive users in big Call-center and Office as well as Home office..


  • Volume control
  • Headset/Handset selection switch
  • Headset compatibility switch
  • Microphone mute switch for temporary call suspension
  • Busy indicator, busy light in use
  • Headset hanger
  • Battery empty announcement
  • Audio jack for external recording
  • Extremely low battery consumption operational battery life: not less than 2,000hrs. (2*AA batteries)
  • Headset stand included
  • Optionally AC/DC power adapter available


The FreeMate DA-475EU amplifier corresponds to the European Union guideline 2003/10/EG “Noise protection on working place” with a noise limitation of 85dB(A) and contributes thus to an active health prevention at telephone working places.


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