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FreeMate™ DA-475EU
September 5, 2017
FreeMate™ DAX-275EU
September 5, 2017

FreeMate™ DA-275

Multipurpose headset amplifier Tel/ PC FreeMate™ DA-275

Multi-line headset amplifier with PC/TEL selection. The multipurpose amplifier with sound level control for VoIP applications with switching possibility between telephone and PC.

Free enjoying internet telephone call & CD music from computer at the same time get one headset for both your telephone and computer.
Call recording with speech recognition software already installed in your computer.


  • Full hands-free products with headsets.
    Talking on the phone, taking notes and doing with computer works simultaneously.
  • Connecting for single-line or multi-line phone.
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Always keep clear sound quality by adding automatic level control system.
  • Extremely low battery consumption
  • Automatic power saving technology when you do not use.
  • Easy compatibility adjustment with 4 pin slide switch.
  • CE &FCC approved.