FreeMate™ DA-271EU
September 5, 2017
FreeMate™ DA-171USB
September 5, 2017

FreeMate™ DA-271T

Training switch FreeMate™ DA-271T

Train agents when use wireless headset and also can use the unit with function of Handset/ Headset selection switch.

Managers and supervisors can listen-in and monitor calls of employees and agents while roaming the office with a wireless headset, accomplishing other tasks. As needed, they can return to their employee or agent and provide additional coaching or with the touch of a button, take over the call.

Headset users can now train and have a second person monitoring conversations without sacrificing mobility with the new Wireless Headset Training Adapter. Simple plug one wireless unit into the adapter and enjoy normal conversations. When a second headset (wireless or corded) is plugged into the adapter, either or both microphones can be mute with a push of a button to provide listen only capabilities. This is a great device for an individual that wants the freedom and mobility of a wireless headset while monitoring a new trainee. It also allows two wireless headset users to be on a conference call and move freely about their office. (Prior to the Wireless Headset Training Adapter, training required both users to sit next to each other while using corded headsets).


  • Headset/Handset switch
  • Independent adjustment by automatic microphone +/- termination
  • Headset microphone adjustment for an optimal speech quality
  • 3 training modes: Mute for trainer / Mute for trainer and caller
  • Record jack connecting to exterior recorder or PC.
  • Microphone volume controller
  • 2 position Compatibility switch and automatic polarity detection.
  • 2 headset ports, e.g. for training purposes or for “monitoring”
  • No batteries or power supply necessary