FreeMate™ DA-171
September 5, 2017
FreeMate™ DA-271T
September 5, 2017

FreeMate™ DA-271EU

Headset/ Handset Training selection switch FreeMate™ DA-271EU

Multi purpose switch with training function. No longer need to keep the many different types of supervisor in stock. It has multi purpose roles!


The FreeMate DA-271EU headset connection box makes it easy to connect up to 2 headsets with RJ plugs (4/4 western plug) on one telephone. By the automatic microphone +/- direction installation of a headset on individual telephone is absolutely uncomplicated. You can select at

any time, also during a telephone call, between handset and headset.


The efficiency of the FreeMate DA-271EU headset/handset connection box unusual for this price class. Features you do not even find in high-priced amplifier boxes of other manufacturer are integrated by DASAN ELECTRON into the headset/handset connection box FreeMate DA-271EU, and this to an unbeatable cost-performance ratio.


The FreeMate DA-271EU headset/handset connection box is compatible with most headsets and telephones, with RJ plug (4/4 Western plug).


  • Headset/Handset switch
  • Independent adjustment by automatic microphone +/- termination
  • Headset microphone adjustment for an optimal speech quality
  • 3 training modes: Mute for trainer / Mute for caller / Mute for trainer and caller
  • Microphone volume controller
  • 2 position Compatibility switch and automatic polarity detection.
  • 2 headset ports, e.g. for training purposes or for “monitoring”
  • Audio plug for external recording
  • Headset hanger
  • No batteries or power supply necessary


The FreeMate DA-271EU headset/handset connection box corresponds to the European Union guideline 2003/10/EG “Noise protection on working place” with a noise limitation of 85dB(A) and contributes thus to an active health prevention at telephone working places.