Bittel Regalstar HA48C++ TSD
September 5, 2017
Bittel Regalstar IP48B+TSD
September 5, 2017

Bittel Regalstar HWD48TSD

Single Line Speakerphone Base Unit with Cordless 1.8/2.4/DECT 6.0 with Flash, Redial, Hold, and Mute. Includes one cordless handset and charging dock.

48 Series+ Cordless Features: 

  • New Style of Cordless – corded base unit with up to four (4) cordless handsets
  • Digital code transmission – avoids mutual interference with other electronic equipments
  • Membrane Keypad and Faceplate – smooth, water resistant, touch sensitive membrane dial pad
  • Unpowered Functionality – Base unit can still make and receive calls without external power
  • Rapid Handset Recharging
  • Handset Warning Notifications – for low battery and for excessive distance from base unit
  • Magnetic Hook-Switch™ – No hook, Handset secured by magnet for smooth design and easy cleaning
  • Programmable Guest Service Keys – Permanent one-touch memory keys
  • Easy Message Retrieval™ – Message Waiting Light, button and Ringer Indicator
  • Dual-Dial Keypads™ – Dialing keypad also on the handset for ultimate guest convenience
  • Speakerphone (TSD models only) and Hold button with indicators
  • FacePlate Plus™ – full length faceplate and placard faceplate
  • Privacy Guard Redial™ – Last number dialed disappears after a defined time
  • SmartTray™ – stores the handset cord tidily and makes for easier cleaning
  • Auto-Connect™ – Resets the phone to receive incoming calls even when dislodged from the cradle
  • Express Programming – Supports Remote Programming via Bittel’s Express Programming devices
  • SIP (IP) Models – Full compliance with SIP Protocols and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
  • PDF Click here for 48 CORDLESS series Model selection (PDF file).

Model Bittel Regalstar HAWD48CTSD features:

  • A new style of cordless guestroom phone with a corded Base-station and additional cordless handset(s)
  • One Base-station supports up to 4 handsets
  • Supports 2.4GHz DCT standard / 1.8GHz / 1.9GHz / DECT6.0 optional
  • Without external power the Base unit can receive and make calls normally
  • Digital code transmission – avoids mutual interference with other electronic equipment
  • Handset has fast-charge capability
  • Standby Time (PP): 7 days
  • Talk Time(pp): 10 hours
  • Handset Range – Up to 100m from Base
  • Both the Base-station and the Handset Ringer and Volume are adjustable
  • Flash / Redial / Hold functions for both the Handset and base-station
  • Auto Online™ – Busy tone disconnects automatically for both Base-station and Handset
  • Handset monitors battery power and warns user the battery is low
  • Handset warns user when it goes beyond a safe operational distance
  • Easy Retrieval™ – Message Waiting Light with easy retrieval button
  • DoublePlates™ – full length faceplate and placard faceplate
  • Cord Tray ™ – keeps the cord stored in a way that is both tidy and easier to clean
  • Auto-Gone Redial™ – Last number dialed disappears after a defined time for guest privacy
  • 10/5/3/0 E2PROM One-Touch Call™ – Permanent one-touch programmable Guest Service keys
  • One-Touch Call Clone™ – Support for easy Programming via the Master Cloner and Hand-held Programming Cloner


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