Bittel UNO Trimline
September 5, 2017
Bittel Uranus HA38TS-NK
September 5, 2017

Bittel Regalstar HA48TS-N

Single Line Lobby Phone with One Guest Service Key, and No Dial Pad.

Model Bittel Regalstar HA48TS-N features:

  • No-Hook Switch™ – No-hook switch design for easier cleaning and better resilience from water and dust
  • DoublePlates™ – a full length faceplate and an optional placard faceplate
  • Cord Tray ™ – keeps the cord stored in a way that is both tidy and easier to clean
  • 10/5/3/0 E2PROM One-Touch Call™ – Permanent one-touch programmable Guest Service key
  • One-Touch Call Clone™ – Support for easy Programming via the Master Cloner and Hand-held Programming Cloner
  • Easy Retrieval™ – Message Waiting Light with easy retrieval button
  • Auto Online™ – The Busy tone is disconnected automatically
  • Auto-Gone Redial™ – Last number dialed disappears after a defined time for guest privacy
  • Flexible Data Port
  • Flash button with Flash time programmable (Standard as 600ms)
  • Handset volume adjustable across three levels
  • Ringer Volume HI/LOW adjustable
  • Handset with HAC



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