Bittel Polaris IPCID41T-6
September 5, 2017
Bittel Polaris HA41T0+K
September 5, 2017

Bittel Polaris HA41T-5+

Single Line Trim line Phone for the Bathroom with Membrane Keypad, No Hookswitch, Backlit Keypad, Message Waiting Light, Hold, Redial, Flash and Pause.

T-6 Features:

  • SIP (IP) Model – Full compliance with SIP Protocols and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) or Adaptor
  • LCD Caller Display and Clock – Caller ID (CID) system no additional power required, includes Clock
  • Membrane Keypad – smooth, water resistant, touch sensitive membrane dial pad (multi-colors optional)
  • Water Resistant – Water resistant, splash-proof design
  • Backlit Keypad – Backlit keypad
  • No Hook-Switch – No hook switch to prevent water ingress
  • Easy Message Retrieval™ – Message Waiting Light, button and Ringer Indicator
  • Single Line Phone
  • Software Configuration – remote programming
  • Flash, Mute, Redial, buttons
  • Desk and Wall Mountable
  • 3-Step Volume Control
  • PDF Click here for 41 series Model selection (PDF file).

Model Bittel Polaris Polaris HA41T-5+ features:

  • No-Hook Hook Switch™ – No-hook switch design
  • Multiple waterproof and splash proof design features
  • Membrane Soft Touch Backlit Keypad
  • Pause / Flash / Redial
  • Message waiting light – indicator for message and ringer
  • Desk and Wall Mountable
  • Colour: Ivory (Black optional)
  • Handset: Hearing Aid Compatible Handset
  • Dial Character: Standard 12 group(DTMF)
  • Flash time:98ms / 300ms / 600ms optional (standard 600ms)
  • Message Waiting Light Voltage: Standard 90~150V DC Customized various MWL card compatible with PBX
  • Operating Voltage:24V~60V DC Quality Control:ISO9001
  • Quality Approval:CCC / FCC / CE
  • FCC rules: The unit complies with part 15 and part 68 of the FCC rules and regulations


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