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September 5, 2017
Bittel BT6000 (HSIA)
September 5, 2017

Bittel MediaJack-3

Multi-purpose Guestroom Television Adaptor

Introducing the ultimate guestroom entertainment facility. The innovative MediaJack allows your guests to connect almost any electronic entertainment device to the guestroom TV.

With the MediaJack, guests can now easily connect their digital cameras, laptop computers, games consoles, portable DVD players and MP3/4 players to the TV, and enjoy their own pictures, movies and music on the large screen with the superior audio capability of the guestroom TV. The MediaJack also provides additional functions such as USB charging, and can act as an additional broadband Internet access point.

The MediaJack eliminates the need for guests to reach behind the TV unit to search awkwardly for the right interface which may or may not be present. This is both a far more desirable solution for the guest and for the hotel as it reduces the chance of guests damaging expensive audio visual equipment and requiring specialist technical assistance.

MediaJack Interfaces

MediaJack Interfaces:

1 – 5V USB Power Port – USB Equipment Charging Port.

2 – HDMI – High Definition Multimedia Interface.

3 – PC/Audio – 3.5mm PC Audio Input Interface.

4 – VGA Interface – Connecting with computer video interface.

5 – AV Interface – Audio and Video Signal Interfaces.

6 – S Terminal Interface – S-VIDEO signal interface (shared with a group of AV audio interface).

7 – AC Power Interface – Provide AC power portable devices interface for guests

8 – Hotel LOGO Silk Printing – Provide personalized service for hotel.

9 – LED Switch – Each interface is manually switchable on/off and the LEDs indicated when a connection is made



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