Bittel MediaJack-3
September 5, 2017
Bittel (HSIA) Wireless adapter
September 5, 2017

Bittel BT6000 (HSIA)

HSIA (High speed internet access) Adapter Wired High-Speed Internet Access Points

The BT 6000 High-Speed Internet Access points from Bittel bring easy broadband Internet access to the guestroom desktop.

Using the universal RJ45 Ethernet connection, guests with both old and new personal computers can gain quick and easy access to the Internet with plug ‘n’ play simplicity.

For the hotel, these simple devices provide a tidy low-cost solution to the problem of delivering convenient guestroom Internet access, and prevents guests from interfering with – or trying to move – physical access point devices, or cable runs.

BT 6000 – DeskSpool HSIA Access Point

Features and Benefits:

  • Creates a recognizable access point for in-room HSIA
  • Standard RJ-45 interfaces adopting Pull Through access
  • Solves cable management issues: cluttering of cables and theft
  • Recessed rear socket to reduce theft
  • Rubber Footed, and is weighted to stay in position.

Technical Specifications:

  • Retractable RJ45 cable (220cm)
  • Recessed RJ45 socket (rear)
  • Highly durable gold plated contact pins
  • Can hold any CAT5 10/100Mbps compatible cable