Bittel Athena HA58TSD
September 5, 2017
Bittel Athena IPCID58TSD
September 5, 2017

Bittel Athena HCD58TSD

Single Line Caller Display (CID) Speakerphone with Flash, Redial, Hold, Cord Tray and Placard

58 Series Features:

  • LCD Caller Display – FSK/DTMF Caller ID system no additional power required (CID Models only)
  • Programmable Guest Service Keys – Permanent one-touch memory keys
  • Easy Message Retrieval™ – Message Waiting Light, button and Ringer Indicator
  • Speakerphone (TSD models only) and Hold button with indicators
  • FacePlate Plus™ – full length faceplate and placard faceplate
  • Privacy Guard Redial™ – Last number dialed disappears after a defined time
  • Privacy Guard CID™ – Last inbound number disappears after a defined time (CID Models only)
  • SmartTray™ – stores the handset cord tidily and makes for easier cleaning
  • Auto-Connect™ – Resets the phone to receive incoming calls even when dislodged from the cradle
  • Express Programming – Supports Remote Programming via Bittel’s Express Programming devices
  • SIP (IP) Models – Full compliance with SIP Protocols and Power-over-Ethernet PoE
  • PDF Click here for 58 series Model selection (PDF file).

Model Bittel Athena HCD58TSD features

  • 10/5/3/0 E2PROM One-Touch Call™ -Permanent one-touch programmable Guest Service keys
  • Speakerphone (SPKR)
  • Master-Clone™ – Supports both Remote Programming Master Cloner and Hand-held Programming Cloner
  • Easy Retrieval™ – Message Waiting Light with easy retrieval button
  • Cord Tray ™ – keeps the cord stored in a way that both tidy and easier to clean
  • Auto Online™ – Busy tone disconnects automatically for both Base-station and Handset
  • Auto-Gone Redial™ – Last number dialed disappears after a defined time for guest privacy
  • Flexible Data Port
  • Flash button for Base and Handset 600ms Flash (Standard)
  • Flash and Pause time programmable, Mute button optional
  • SPKR and Handset volume three-step adjustable and stores the adjustment
  • Ringer Volume HI/LOW adjustable
  • Handset with HAC
  • Style-Mate™ – Placard and movable cord tray optional
  • Desk and Wall Mountable


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