Be inspired by our knowledge and expertise For some years now, the JPL® headsets brand has been synonymous with expert and innovative headset solutions. As a pan-European systems provider for professional telephony systems, they have been marketing and selling our products both through Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) as well as under our own well-known brand names of JPL®, DASAN® and FreeMate®. Day after day in their headquarters in the Bavarian town of Rottenburg, they continue to work on further expanding their knowledge and expertise in our core business and continuing to improve the high quality of our products. It is not for nothing that JPL® is one of the leading specialists in the headset sector today. Their aim is to offer you telephony products ideally adapted to your everyday working life that meet the most exacting requirements. By doing so, we also meet your demand for excellent cost-effectiveness and enable you to equip your company inexpensively with value-for-money products: the best prerequisites for productive and effective, as well as relaxed and inspiring work. DASAN ELECTRON CO Ltd. based in Seoul, Korea, well known within the range of Headset telephones, is engaged since mid of the 90's with development and production of professional Telephony Headset Solutions. DASAN ELECTRON products are known under the brand name FreeMate™ and further marks of considerable OEM's. FreeMate™ products are characterized by quality, security, longevity and comfort and earn your confidence. With DASAN ELECTRON service at the customer is lived after Asiatic conviction. Test us! Our aim of "Customer Satisfaction Management" will lead ease of telephone communication and we, all of Dasan's dedicated staffs promise to provide you with the best headset solutions in the field of corded/cordless/wireless communications.